IIT JAM Assistance to PwD Candidates

In IIT JAM Exam, PwD aspirants are permitted to use devices like Hearing Aid, Wheelchair, Magnifier Abacus and Braille Slate etc.

Although, the coordinating institutes will not arrange such kind of assistive devices. Candidates have to bring their own arrangements in the exam centre.

PwD candidates get 1 hour more for the IIT JAM Exam.

Scribe is also provided to PwD candidates in JAM exam if they needed.

Following are the general institutions that can taken while providing scribe to the aspirants.

  1. They cannot interpret / translate / emphasize the question paper.
  2. Scribe can be arranged by the JAM conducting body or candidates can also bring their own scribe to the exam centre.
  3. Scribe cannot be candidate of JAM 2017 or JAM 2020.
  4. Candidate and the scribe have to sign a declaration form acknowledging their presence during the time of the exam.
  5. Assistance that the scribe can render consists of ONLY reading the instructions, test player displayed on the computer screen and in mouse clicks if candidate is not able to do so

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